When I said I am the Karma Law this is what I mean

When I told you I am the Karma law I actually meant to tell you that I use the Karma Law in my favor I invented the Karma Law and it exists withing me, I invented this Law long ago while meditating on life.
So what do you actually give that is what you will get, you give money you get money you give love you get love and everything you want.
But first in order to receive that which you want to obtain you must give first and after that all will come back to you eventually in one way or another.
So what I am actually saying is that nothing and anything is going to go to waste in real life.
No, not really.
You are not wasting your time, your are not wasting your money on this, it does not actually going away you are giving to receive something in return.
It’s just like a bargain or some sort, I give this to you in order to receive this from you.
So this is what actually karma is, nothing is ever wasted if you trust the karma law.
You are actually selling something and receiving something in return.
I give to get simple as that.
Just like I live to die.
I give to get is the same as I live to day.
So in general terms speaking we are all equal no matter the race the color or the languages we are speaking.
Because we are all human.
This is the karma law.
I am Asethabalanar your host for the evening.
And I salute you fellow friends.