No one but ourselves can free our minds

No one but ourselves can free our minds.
It’s like a splinter in your mind, a prison for your mind, a prison that you cannot see or feel or touch.
A prison that is designed for your mind and for your mind only.
That’s why most of us don’t see with our mind’s eye.
Because we are blinded by the splinter in our minds.
Only the splinter can tell if we see or not.
But it’s up to us to make something about it.
In order to see with your mind’s eye you have too get rid of all the fear in you.
You have to be fearless only when the heart is at peace the mind’s eye will open.
This is also called the third eye.
And can open only when the heart is clean of fear.
If you are still afraid come take my hand I will show you what most people don’t actually see.
Which is very deep into the heart’s soul.
Every man and woman on this earth can see with his third eye.
It’s called third eye open and you can only open it when you are clean enough to withstand and bear the pain of existence.
Reality is very rough and you see that everyday but you don’t understand it.
Third eye open really makes you understand reality not only see it.
So in order to understand reality you have to have your third eye open.
For short I will tell you that I realized this only after I took medicine for my brain.
I opened my eyes and saw only sin around me.
So I became a sinner. Because I thought it was normal to be like this.
But it’s not it really is not.
And the church does not get rid of the sin it only makes it worse.
This is my opinion.
I don’t go to church but if I go sometimes that does not mean that I am a good christian.
I’m not. I actually am not.
I don’t believe in Christ I believe in Buddha so I’m a buddhist at heart so you cannot convince me otherwise.
Thank you all for reading and watching my shows.
God bless you all.