I am bipolar and proud of it, I am not ashamed of me

I am bipolar and I am not ashamed of myself I can say it out loud to anyone, yes I take medicine to get well, Yes I have a mental disease, speak up people about your problems because they can only be resolved if you speak about them.
If you have a problem and you do not talk about it it becomes a bad habit and it will destroy you.
Speak up, talk loud but just talk about it, talk about your feelings, talk about your guts, talk about anything, talk about everything, talk anywhere and with anybody but just talk something.
You see the government wants you to be silent.
So be anti-government and just talk about it.
Talk talk talk about anything problems, sex life, even in public speaking do not be ashamed of yourself, do not be ashamed of who you are, do not be ashamed of anything.
Just imagine that you are naked in the big city in public.
Imagine yourself being naked and walking down the street no pants no bra no nothing on you.
Adam and Eve’s clothes so, you are walking naked on the streets of the big city.
This should be you who reads this, be naked with your soul.
Express yourself, express everything.
Express every part of your living being, Express anything.
Express yourself.
Express your universe my dudes.
Express the universe inside of you 🙂
This is my concept that I want to deliver to you guys.
Firstly I am not ashamed of my disease and problems and I want to share this with you and I don’t even feel bad about it.
I feel right now that I can talk about anything.
I can talk for hours and days and weeks and years.
I want to talk about it so just listen.
Listen to your guts my friends.
Listen to anything and everything your body says about you.
It’s the language of the body that betrays your attitude.
So we all can see that guys and girls.
That’s why animals know this and some of us don’t.