The Art of The Karma Law

What you send into the world will eventually come back to you.
If you send and share love, it will come back to you that love.
If you send and share hate, that hate will come back to you eventually.
The Art of The Karma Law is that if you master this art and this karma that you have.
If you can master karma then karma becomes your ally not your foe. You will have good karma and better karma and so on.
But if things get out of hand and you suffer you are betrayed you are beaten and you are killed that is a sign of bad karma my friends and something is not good about you.
It’s the same way when you get sick you get a disease because you did something wrong in your life.
You did bad things to someone or to yourself.
This is bad karma that is happening right now, and you feel uncomfortable about it.
When you have the good karma everything flows naturally.
And if you focus on this karma for a while you shall see that you are the only one controlling yourself and no one else can control you but yourself.
If you master the art of karma by the way I am telling you this because I was also a Buddhist and I believe in Buddha and not in Christ.
I was and still am a Buddhist until this day and I want to tell you that I love it.
It is my belief and I believe in it with all my heart and soul.
I am Buddha. Right now.
And by being a Buddhist I must master the law of karma.
And know as many things about karma as I can.
You can never know what might await you.
So be careful and be cautious always.
With love, yours truly Asethabalanar
(Ex. Bruce Lee)
I believe in Buddha by the way and his name was Siddartha Gautama he was a prince in Nepal.
And I believe in him.
Buddhist by heart and buddhist by nature, I was born to reborn.