Make a change, make an impact on the world

Firstly I want to tell you all that the changes starts with us each and every one as an individual in the world. If one changes we all change this is life.
If I change then you change and so on, it is a repeatable process as long as it goes into the world.
Change comes in so many forms and places, it can happen instantly to anyone you might never know who do you change or who is next to change.
You might never know who you will change next if it’s you or the other guy or girl on the block or in the world or in the universe.
You might never know who changes and who is not changed by the experiences he had.
Changes happen so often and so rapidly you don’t seem to express them or even know them you might never know they are there anyway.
Anybody can change it is just a matter of time until it actually happens to all of us as individuals as styles or as systems we can change the systems we the people have the power to do that.
And I trust in change because change is good and can happen for a variety of reasons known or unknown to man, firstly to change yourself or somebody you need to act quick and not think at all at what you are doing in the present moment.
You need to be faster than the speed of light it is similar to the speed which light is absorbed into a black hole, the speed in which light is absorbed into that black whole is bigger than the actual speed of light can travel.
So the speed of the black holes gravitational system is bigger than the speed in which light can travel around the universe.
So therefore darkness is more powerful than the light this I can tell you honestly.
And nothing compares to the dark, there is more dark matter in the universe than it is light.
We all need light, we need the suns we need them to make us see and perceive everything around us.
Without light it would have been only darkness everywhere.
That is what the big bang stands for, the beginning of the light because before of the big bang there was only darkness all around us.
There was no light before so therefore we shall have light from now on.
You can see it in your eyes.
I can see it you can we all can.
We can see light we can see infra red we can see in the darkness now.
We can see the nothingness which is the vast expansion of the universe all around us.
We can see the planets all around us we can feel the stars that shine for us, we can feel our stars really big out there in the sky it even makes me dream that anything is possible and that anyone can change the world around us not just me my fellow friends.
I can change myself so you can change yourself so we can all change by ourselves for ourselves all together.
We can all make a change and a difference in this universe because we are big enough to do that so.
Just do it as the Nike commercial says.
Do it what do you got to lose?
It’s you life man you can do anything the hell you want just be free enough to realize that nothing is impossible in this world not even our humanly flesh is not enough to withstand the pain of giving birth to a human child.