Karma Law

Karma says if you do good things good deeds, then good deeds will return to you.
If you give money to someone then money will come to you.
If you do bad things to someone then bad things will come to you.
If you steal from someone then someone will steal from you.
Karma is like the boomerang effect it’s like what you send into the world, that you will receive , if I send love into the world then I will receive love and will be loved.
If I send hate and anger I will receive only hate and anger until the bad karma disappears .
I have to enjoy my karma and I cannot escape my karma.
The karma law is universal you cannot send joy love and peace into the world without receiving the same amount of joy love and peace.
If you hate somebody you will also receive hate.
If you betray somebody you will also be betrayed.
What you send and what you do in life always resonates back to you in one way or another.
If I send my joy love and peace to you that is what I will receive back from someone else or even you if you can do that.
If I send greed jealousy and inferiority to you that is what I also going to receive from you or somebody else.
There is no need for revenge but revenge always will happen one way or another.
Things are happening and we have to be very careful of them because If I feel hate towards you you may forgive me but I will not forget that gesture.
If you send me love and appreciation you shall receive the same amount that you just sent me.
You get what you give in life and nothing less.
This I want you guys to remember. This is a great lesson of life I am teaching you guys about, life lessons are the hardest because you first take the test and after that you learn the lesson.
So start your test students and the lessons will come running back to you. 🙂