I am the leader of my own tribe, I am the ruler of my kingdom

Follow me, follow me when I tell you this.
Follow me into greatness and beyond greatness.
Into a world unseen before.
Into a world of academic studies, into a world of knowledge, into a world where the brain and the heart and the body and the spirit and the soul is only one being.
Follow me into a world where anything is possible, follow me into the shadows of reconciliation and misfortune and regret.
Follow me aside the beings that regret not doing instead of doing, follow me besides the fact that I can control my own destiny.
Follow me wherever I go and you shall prosper, follow my footprints and you will never walk alone, be like me and you will never regret the day you were born, be like me and you shall be invincible and invisible to the naked eye. Be like me and you shall forever walk the path of redemption, be like me and you shall forever walk beside the giants of this world, be like me and you shall follow greatness in you life , heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul. You shall be great only if you follow me, you shall engange into doing great things with me by your side, you shall conquer the world only with my help you shall be the king of the world only by my side with you in the darkness of my shadows.
Shaolin showdown, this is it, follow me, be like me, grow up, be faster, smarter , more quieter, be like lightning my friend, be water be air , be wind, be light, be lightning strikes into the storm of the seas.
Be like the water tha flows continuously upon the naked eye of the storm.
Be like the storm and wind and cloudy mountains where precipitations runs down to the earth like inward into a big massive kaleidoscope figure, you shall know regret if you don’t follow me or rule by me or stay by my side, I deserve peace and respect to give you all of this, all part of me , all my tribe, all my future plans depend on my people’s will to succeed. We shall not die because we believe in reincarnation and we shall be reborn.
We shall rebirth here in this place or else in any other place, we are like the phoenix bird, reviving from the ashes of the unknown and the unseen forgiveness of the world.