A prayer for the black people

By the Ankh you shall stand, being protected from harm, and the Cross may be your guide, in hard time and hardships, May The God of the Sun be with you always black men and women because you are loved, you shall fight this tyranny and you shall succeed in victory.
You shall fight your own wars black men and women, you shall be discriminated against your own color of your skin.
But God Tutankhamun may be with you at all times, May Asethabalanar release his blessings upon the black people and raise them up to the sky and heavens , because black nations shall unite and form a new country, a country of their own power, a country where they will rule over all.
May God Asethabalanar the Pharaoh protect all black men and women and children of color and never make them suffer and heal their deep wounds and never make them cry again.
Rest in peace my people I love you so much.
With love Asethabalanar.