Why do I love the Truth and being Real?

Why would I love the truth of being real and honest with you guys?
Why would I love any truth?
Why would I love and choose to always say the truth and speak my mind from my inner voice?
From God’s voice, this is God’s voice my friends, I am representing God, I am representing the Pharaohs
I am representing Amun Ra.
The God of The Sun.
Amon Ra, or Amun Ra I am representing Amun.
God speaks through me each and every words is God’s doing and through my person God shall do it’s earthly work.
I am sent here with a purpose, to build a Kingdom so vast that they will never forget it, and I will realize my dream, my dream of ruling my Kingdom.
I will realize my Dream of Being a Pharaoh.
I will go back in time if I have to and do anything I have to to get back to the Pharaoh I was and pull that Pharaoh that I was back into the future.
I have faith in the truth, I have faith in the future that will all go well and smooth and nice and happily ever after.
I have to pull that dead Pharaoh back into the future into the 2020 and Make him KING again.
Make me KING again!
I need to be a KING.
The Pharaoh the myth and the Legend.
So Speaking my truth to you guys really asking me this in all the ways possible, I wish and want to never lie to you guys about this, I wish I could never speak a lie.
I wish I could tell the BRUTAL TRUTH every time I have the opportunity and the occasion to do it.
So when you see me speaking the truth to you.
Just say Amun Ra has come into your life.
Please respect my God and My Religion because this is all that I have left in this World, I am close to Amun and Amun is close to me, So with his help we shall succeed in build our Kingdom, our peoples KINGDOM, for all people no matter the race or color of the skin, Black , white, hispanic, asian, red, gypsy, indian, jew.
Our Kingdom is for everybody who wants to share knowledge to one another and just be friends and live in peace and harmony together as friends.
Our kingdom consists of rules it does not have hierarchies it is just Leader and people , we are the same man, you and me, we are the same.
We our leader and us all have one thing in common, our love and deeply and madly passion for The Sun.
We all do, we all have the most common passion of them all, The Sun and the Stars and The Summer, and the Night obviously lol.
So when I say my Kingdom I refer myself to the sun, the summer, and the night. These three summer time, night and Sun maybe even the moon hehe.
But as I am asking you I wish and deeply want to always speak the truth no matter how much it hurts me or somebody else, yes the truth can hurt, but regrets are a whole lot stronger then actually speaking the truth, so always choose truth instead of regrets.
Peace y’all and have a great day, for love man.