The Lie is a dangerous comfort zone

So when you lie, what do you do? how will you hide from that lie?
Who will haunt you, which demons pick your truth right now?
Which demons do you choose to be haunted from with your cheap ass lies you tell us.
Which are the demons that you make and invent down there, tell me because I want to know.
All you liers ain’t shit just a bunch of scumbags running around with your spilled guts outside like abominations in the night.
So tell no lie, only speak the truth and the truth will only come to you not for you.
If you want to be rich make yourself useful and help somebody, if you want to stay poor make yourself useful and just go to the trash can and throw out all your possessions to the garbage can.Throw them all out away, into nothingness.
Because you may never know the power of the Truth when you see it, you may never know how strong you are before you really are that strong.
I have regrets for things I did and things I did not do but that is just human nature, but I will never regret the fact that I choose to speak the truth and never lie to anybody.
This is my main article I want to share with you guys, this is my truth take it or leave it, it’s just all the same for you guys, just enjoy the roller coaster ride I have been given you all and take good care of you people that are very dear to me, all love.

Always speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth so help me God.
In Amun Ra We trust.