Take me out of here

I had a dream a few nights ago.
I was at my countryside and I was on my face with my arms in my chest and two shadows were standing beside me and they were holding something on my spine and in that moment I could not move I was paralyzed but I could manage to send a text message to someone and I texted ” Take me out of here” and after that I woke up in the same position I was sitting when I was dreaming, it was an awful nightmare so intense I was almost sweating, I could never tell what was the real deal anyway who were those shadows anyway and what did they want from me.
To haunt me in my dreams.
I keep having nightmares so I choose not to sleep anymore I am so afraid that if I go to sleep I might die in my sleep so I’m very scared of resting.
Eventually out of exhaustion I will fall asleep but I want to do it in a natural manner not with medication, I want to fall asleep when I am tired not when I’m drugged.
Prescription drugs are the worst man especially when you are obligated to take them by your family.
This is my story, the story of the name Asethabalanar which will remain in everyone’s memory.
I will be brief with you guys I am not telling you all of this to show off this is real life I am real and this is real living, we should not take for granted any life because you might never know when it is our time to pay the bill.