My disease: I am bipolar.

Hi guys, my name is Gabriel and I am bipolar, I have been taken medication since January 2014 after I got sick and got hospitalized to the mental institute hospital Obregia of Bucharest.
I had many admissions and hospitalizations from January 2014 until now.
I was hospitalized for Acute Psychotic Disorder for several times, doctors could predict I was going to develop Schizophrenia but I didn’t developed that I developed bipolarism of grade 1.
I was hospitalized about 7 times to that hospital which is actually a mad house.
There I would have been treated bad by the doctors and was abused several times being forced to take medication in order for me to feel good.
I have taken Solian, Depakine, Rispolept, Abilify, Anxiar, Xanax, Coaxil etc… and many more pills, now I am actually taking in the morning one pill of solian and one of depakine and in the night the same, one solian and one depakine.
I feel like I should talk about this and I send a message to you guys that it is not normal for us to live this way in the chains of medicine.
Being chained by the doctors and their prescription pills really makes me sad, I was abused in the hospital I was under strict surveillance I was locked down, I was locked down with drug addicts Schizophreniac people and bipolars I was locked down with many people who had issues, mental problems but I never have been to rehab because I don’t need rehab and I am not crazy.
I am not crazy guys I take these pills not to feel better I take them because my father says that if I don’t take my pills he will call the ambulance and take me to the hospital and lock me up there for good.
He threatens me that If I do not take my medication he will go and lock me up in the hospital for months.
He threatens me that if I do not take my medication he will be like he just grabs the phone calls 112 and calls the ambulance to our house and they ask me if I taken the medication or not and I say I will take them just because I don’t want to go to that jail hospital anymore.
Why the hell they won’t leave us alone?
Why the hell doctors will you not leave me and my family alone?
Why the hell you as a doctor do not leave me and my family alone.
I am not sick and I do not care about your career doctor, I do not care about any doctor’s career.
I do not care If I make a fool of myself, I just feel the need to speak up about my problems because these mental issues that I have are making me insane are making me a bad person and I was not a bad kid.
The medication is killing me inside I can feel it slowly.
I can feel a slowly and painful death coming for me.
If I still take these pills and medication.
I can feel my stomach hurt and my organs collapsing from the substances that they make these pills from.
This is the truth I am speaking right now, I am telling you guys my truth this is for real not for show.
This is the real deal I want to speak all my truth so you guys know with what I am dealing right now.
I promissed to myself I would not take these pills anymore but I must not let my parents to find out about this because they have a really communist mindset and the are old and they would not understand these concepts that I am explaining to you guys right now.
These pills actually make me feel so numb and scary I am always afraid of everything around me.
I can’t continue going on like this I just can’t I’m sorry, so sorry, I feel like I’m going to give up on them.