Always speak your truth! No matter What!

I want to speak the truth so bad, I really want to just say it and speak it up but I feel like there is something wrong with me everyday I wake up I feel like I’m waking up from a deep nightmare.
And before I go to sleep I go through this deep meditation state preparing myself for the sleep that I’m about to have.
So every night I get ready for bed I go through a meditation state and when I wake up I just remember my dreams and try to make a connection out of them, I try to connect my dreams just like a puzzle or a maze in my mind, I feel like a rat going through a maze trying to find the piece of the cheese.
This is the feeling I’ve got from sleeping.
I hate sleeping I want just to stay awake all the time.
When I sleep and I dream I am that rat again searching for an exist from the maze.
It’s really wired when sleep does not longer comforts you, you just feel like you’ve been going for so long and so many time that you just can’t actually deal with peoples bullshit anymore, You just cannot deal with them anymore, you’re done you’re finished my friend.
This is what I am saying to you guys that my truth, and even your truth if they meet they will create an unseparable bond between us that can never be torn apart.
It’s like a splinter in your mind, a prison for your mind, a prison you cannot feel or see or touch a prison for your brain.
This is the exact explanation I am telling you guys about the rat and the maze I was dreaming every night.
Sometimes I dream of Kingdoms sometimes I dream of Queens and Kings which lived a long time ago.
Sometimes I dream of myself looking in the mirror.
Sometimes I dream about people and places I have never seen or experienced before in my life.
Sometimes I dream of the Sun or do not dream of anything at all.
It’s just so simple man.
Life can get really easy if you know how to live it and do not stress yourself about it so much do you know?
So be patient, trust yourself, have faith in yourself and never forget who taught you all these things ok?
Thank You, Cya.