Allot of our problems would disappear if we act right

Medication is a slow death it is not a plant they are made from chemicals which go straight to your nervous system.
And combined with these substances they react in your brain and make you feel weak and angry, medication is slowly killing us it is slowly killing our bodies.
Medication makes us feel a slow and painful death.
That is why I hurt so much because I am on medication but I won’t take those pills forever man, I swear I won’t one day I am going to make a new life chemical free from these pills and any chemical substances or medication any doctors give me.
So based on true facts you can always find a natural way to deal with your problems, for me I found writing, for you?
I don’t actually know yet.
This can mean alot of things right now but my main point and objective is that when you take these pills you’re not thinking right anymore you’re not thinking straight anymore, you live in a dream world, your life is like a dream you need to wake up from.
This is the way I feel, when I am on these pills I feel tired all the time I feel sleepy I feel exhausted I feel breathless, and what does the world do in return for me?
Nothing, so nothing I say to you right now, enjoy the nothingness.