Your first lesson (The Omega Speed)

This being your first lesson with me I will show you how to contact your inner spirit.
I am Asethabalanar or Asha’bellanar, you do not need to worry about anything.
I am one and the same person as I was in the past so worry less and love more.
My first lesson will be conceived in showing you how to contact your inner spirit.
Your inner spirit in in your upper torso of your body in the abdomen rising up to the top of your head.
So this teaching is for beginners only when you see and feel your inner soul you shall see new progress flowing inside of you just like a river flows down the stream.
This cannot take place in an action of slow motion of distraction of any sort.
It took me years to figure this out by myself and it is really hard to do, when you reach this stage or point in your life you no longer care what others might think of you you just act, do or die, think or perish this is my motto of the day.
So do first and ask questions later.
Just imagine your upper torso being strangulated by evil forces of the necromancers of the world and you will feel the depth of the incoming fire that will burst from your own chest.
It is like an explosion of brutal force of love you feel like your spirit has exploded into a million fractions of a second and you feel like bursting into nothing and everything at the same time.
Imagine your soul exploding on short terms, this is spirituality so hold on to your balls while you feel the fire go through your veins and DNA.
The short term for this is called spiritual awakening.
And it’s happening all over the globe.
People start to wake up and they wake up faster than we can ever imagine it happening.
The rush is so hard and so fast you never see it because it is faster than the speed of light it travels invisibly through every human being on this planet in the fraction of a second.
It comes so fast you never knew it was actually there in the first place.
The speed is faster than any speed we currently know and I don’t know how to call this speed.
It may be omega speed or ultra speed the speed of sound is slower than the speed of light so it cannot be slower than the speed of sound because it is faster than the speed of light, this sums it up real quick.
So I will call it omega speed because it is the speed that stars burst and stars collide in it.
This is the speed of the soul. It is in another dimension and you can never see it unless your mind is ready to comprehend it.
But people do not think well enough of this speed because they never have seen it before in their lives.
I see it, but only with my minds eye.
It is happening all around us.
This speed exists in this universe and it’s very fast.
If I can ever reach this speed I will tell you but in this moment I am currently seizing it in this moment.
And I’m trying to comprehend with my mind the magnitude of it’s power.
This is a short explanation of my first lesson called The Omega Speed.
Invented by me Asethabalanar or Ashe’Bellanar as you might call me so.
My name is not from this place so don’t bother asking me where did I got it from.
Just be thankful for the info I just provided you with, and go get along with your fellow humans and animals, be good all.
With Love Asethabalanar (aka Ashe’Bellanar)