True Love and Beautiful People

What is the meaning of true love?
What does true love actually mean?
Do we love one another?
Or do we hate one another?
Does love lie?
Does love say the truth?
Can you love a lie?
Can you love truth?
Can you die loving somebody?
Or can you live a lie loving somebody?
Does love lie?
Does love love?
What is love?
What are we to say this to you?
What are you to speak about love?
What are we to even know what love is?
Who are us to even know what love is?
Who are we to even feel love?
These questions came up in my mind as I was loving somebody the other day.
It was just mesmerizing how things can change and shift and take other forms that they were yesterday.
Love is actually the absence of fear.
You cannot love somebody if you fear them.
As you cannot fear somebody when and if you love them.
Love has nothing to do with fear.
Love actually is the absence of fear.
And true love can only come from the absence of fear by fear itself.
You cannot love yourself if you fear yourself.
If you are afraid by yourself you will end up all alone with nobody to love you anymore.
This thing happens when you are afraid.
When you are afraid you feel lonely, but when that fear dissipates into the netherfield. You feel only love, and this can only come if you get rid of your fear, you cannot get rid of that fear when you hurt someone or some thing.
You can only get rid of fear by only trying to protect the ones that you love, and by protecting them you are serving a greater cause, a better cause than you can ever possibly imagine.
Protection in all forms are the supreme aspects of loving somebody.
When you truly love someone you try to protect them by all means.
But what does it happen when somebody does not want to be protected by you?
This means they still live in fear and doubt eats their soul alive.
When you are afraid and you know you are you feel only shame and regret and it kills you inside for knowing this.
You are no longer a mortal when you get rid of your fear.
You become supreme, you become God.
So the absence of fear relly is like you are transforming into God into the Universe, and the universe becomes a part of you.
When you are afraid you are trapped into an existential bubble and cannot get away from it.
Only not afraid people know this and only we will ever know it.
If you reach this point in your life you are saved because you will never die.
You will only reincarnate into different forms until your last existence is final.
Which now is the human form.
How can I be in two places at one you ask me?
I can be in heaven I can be in Hell and I can be on this earth at the same time, I can live so many lives you cannot even imagine with your human brain.
Only when you get rid of the fear in all your living lives you shall know peace.
God bless all of you.