The Second Lesson ( Symbolism and Chakras)

The second lesson I am going to teach you guys is about symbolism and chakras.
What do you guys think about ying and yang?
What do you guys think about the pyramids?
What do you guys think about the cross?
What do you guys think about the Ankh?

Let me tell you about the Ankh he is like the cross of the egyptian Gods.
It is not a cross to be crucified on it is a symbol of egypt and the pyramids.
It is a symbol of prosperity and integration.
It is a symbol of peace.
It is a symbol of balance, it is a symbol representing the Sun God.
It is sacred to all egyptians and old kingdoms like the egyptian dynasties that were before Christ.
It is very old an ancient and I wish I could buy an Ankh symbol or I wish I had an Ankh tattoed on me.
This to be honest would make me very happy and fulfilled.
Al egyptian Gods make me smile.
So if you are a God watching this you should represent your dynasty and family through hard times and do not let anyone tell you otherwise, just fight back man you deserve it.
All people deserve it, especially egypt does.
We rule man, This is our Kingdom, We live in peace, We do anything We Want, We are and will forever be so free of chains and pain.
We Will Forever Live In Full Peace and Full Prosperity Forever.