The Mayan Pyramids

The Mayan Calendar actually is a set of days months and years that predict the end of the world and the human race, it says that when all humans awaken each of every human being and animal is awaken to God almighty in the universe this world will end this planet will be hit by an asteroid and all life will perish.
As I ask you these questions you may answer me directly or indirectly I do not care. If by some reason someone didn’t want for all life to be awaken to God, then what shall we do?
Does life becomes easier when you are asleep or life becomes harder when you are awaken, I am asking you this because it is not a choice between life and death it is a choice between waking up from the dream that you are in.
You can choose to sleep longer but eventually you will be awaken by most of the majority of the human race tells you.
You can be fooled once, twice but the third one you shall know the truth.
One time is enough, two times is nice but the third will be your end.