The Artist of Life

I can no longer call myself a human being after writing this article.
I feel exhausted and exuberated , I feel like a machine I feel like a robot living in today’s society where nobody actually care about themselves. I no longer want to live in this feeble world of fake promises, manipulation and greed.
I do not longer want or deserve to live in a world where society listens to the law instead of their own human manifestation on this earth, I no longer deserve to be called a human being because I no longer deserve to be pampered by mommy into believing it will all go smooth in the end.
There is nothing more brutal than a mistake done twice, there is nothing more painful than a double death.
There is nothing more painful than a gemini dying so when I die I want it to be spectacular with fireworks and everybody to tell me before I pass away how much they will miss me in the end, because death is like never seeing it coming and dying so unexpectedly might alter someones perception of reality.
You cannot encourage death but you cannot avoid it either, either you work with it, either you die forever.
This is the end. This is what I would like to call the end, of us.
To die means to live in such a manner that after you pass away you will not be forgotten or regretted . You will not be mistaken into being somebody you are not you will not let other people feel the pain of your consequences for your own actions and misbehavior you will not let other people drag you down to their level and beat you with experience, you will not die because you have conquered death so many times before and you will conquer death yet again in this lifetime .
I have met so many wonderful people in my life and I do not wish for them to miss me, I wish they could all see the real me behind all this drama, trauma and hate that bears down upon us all.
The reason why I am asking all of this from you and writing so much as I spoke earlier is that no matter what form you take in the human form you obey the human laws or the laws you should obey.
At least you make your own rules for living and your own living laws and you manifest them onto others for other to live by them also just like you live by them yourself.
This can deal a reasonable amount of damage to someone if they are not prepared, but I am prepared for any unseen consequences I may find.
So whatever life may throw at you, you just have to be prepared for it and catch the ball while it’s still rolling, this is my final warning to you guys, avoid the war, take your medication, take your weed, and move on and be happy, go live in the woods or something, I don’t know.