The art of living past peoples expectations

I am a cool guy you know?
And me writing like this really makes me feel a hell lot of good.
Because women might not like or love me but I love women so that is enough for me.
Women might think I do not deserve their love but that is actually not true.
When you are deeply and madly in love with a woman you might never know what she is up to.
She can cheat on you, leave you and even betray you, she can hurt you she can drive you insane and really mad.
But that is what women are made for, they are not made just for love, they are actually made for all of these things, like cooking, cleaning, making a sandwich, having heavy sex with you while she is in the bathroom and in the bedroom also.
You can have heavy sex with a woman in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the sink, on the washing machine, under the bed under the pillows.
You can have heavy sweaty so called sex with her wherever you want, my point is to never let her go, just love her until she cums that should do the trick for you guys.
Hope you enjoyed my writing spell book.
And I will see you briefly after this one.
Just make sure you make heavy sex with your woman every time you see her wearing clothes or naked it does not matter just do it because you might never know when she will actually come back to you eventually.
All good deeds in one place my friend.
Have peace and well being to all of you.
Good bye.