I want to talk

I want to tell you a story about a boy who got rich by doing what he loved, that boy is me young Pharaoh Asethabalanar.
And this is my story.
From a young age I was brutalized by the people around me, I was cursed, thrown the garbage can into my head, beaten spit on, and hurt.
Everybody in my life right now is in the presence of a King, a forgotten king who lived a long time ago in ancient egypt. A Pharaoh.
So to me all this spelling my guts out on the microphone is not worth it I am better at writing my shit out.
Better than anything I just feel like deep down inside of me deep down into my soul writing is my full time job.
So here I go, I maybe mispronounce words or have grammar mistakes but I do not care about them, you get the point.
And me writing this to you just makes me feel allot better if I am alone or something I am a better writer than I am a speaker so it is easier for me to put my words onto paper than it is for me to speak them.
I live in Romania middle Europe.
My country is beautiful it’s full of forests and mountains.
I live in nature and nature loves me for who I am nature has never beaten me or cursed me in any way. I love spiders I love insects I love everything mother nature gives me because mother nature is the one who created me on this earth.
Mother nature gives us the air that we breather, and mother nature gives us the colors that we see, mother nature is the one who protects us from all evil and bad stuff that is happening in the world right now.
I care for mother nature and the planets in this galaxy.
I care for the earth I care for the stars.
I care for the universe in which we live in ok?
I care for everything.
I even care for you the one who is reading this chapter of my life.
I care for people that have left me broken and crying.
I cared for people who spit on my image and my personality.
I even cared for people who made a fool out of me.
I even cared for the man and woman who almost ended my life.
And this is why I care for you too.
My friend.
I like to write because expressing my feelings in this manner may seem a bit inappropriate to some of you.
Maybe you do not like me and you don’t have to like me.
But the Art that I am giving you right now, because writing is an Art form.
The art that I am expressing to you through my words of wisdom and selflessness make you think before you act.
Make you feel some things you have never felt before in you life, in you entire human life, because animals, can’t read this.
They can only feel us and they can sense fear when they see it.
They can smell you because they smell fear and they feel the scent of you creeping down their spine and makes them shiver of excitement .
This is the feeling that I am expressing right now to you guys, this should all go well soon enough if you have the patience to work through your problems in life.
You will feel replenished.
You will feel rejuvenated you will feel healed in the end.
Death is not the end, this life is not our end.
Our life may continue after death, we will be reborn on this planet.
And if not on this planet on another planet in another universe, we will never stop, we will never stop hunting you guys.
We will never stop until our purpose is fully achieved and that purpose is me making my own kingdom. Where I reign as a Pharaoh once more.
I need this I need to be a Pharaoh once more, and yet again I already am, thus far you may not see me as an image anymore you shall only feel my presence down within you like a spark in your head, you shall see me only when the sun rises on the horizon and the moon fades away, you shall see me only twice a day when the sun rises and the moon fades down.
These two moments in life are precious, do not let them fade from your sight because you will only understand my meaning after the purpose is complete, so may the Pharaoh reign again.
We will continue moving forward.