I want to be a teacher ( Professor)

I want to be a teacher or a professor , I want to teach kids boys and girls how to succeed at life.
I want to teach everybody how to win at life, I want to wake everybody up.
And I am going to do that with education and books.
I will finish my master’s degree and I will try to work in the educational system.
I do not want to change the system I want to work in it.
I want to be a professor I want to be a teacher, I want to teach little kids and teenagers and even adults how to win at life and be successful I want to teach economy.
I want to teach so well I wish I was the best teacher in the world.
Yes I smoke weed, Yes I like to get high.
I will be the best teacher and the coolest teacher you will find.
I will be the highest teacher you will ever see.
I am a professor. I am a teacher. I am karma. I am Bruce Lee , I am Tutankhamun, I am a living book.
Just read me, read my lips when I say that I will be the best teacher you will ever see in your whole life.
I will teach kids children and teenagers how to perform at life in the best possible manner you will ever see somebody do it.
I will teach everything and anything because the student is the best teacher, I will teach english I will teach economy I will teach you how to get rich I will teach you about money I will teach anything, I will teach history, I will teach mathematics I will teach programming I will teach sports I can teach anything because a well given student can be the best master, the poorest student may raise their hands to me and I will help them I will help and teach anybody who wants me to do it, I will teach anything and everything to anybody, Just be my student ;).
Love you.

Published by Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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