I am, was, and always will be the one and only Bruce Lee!

So these videos I made in between are about the one and only Bruce Lee as we all may know him very few people really understood him.
I am here to really solve that puzzle out.
Who was Bruce Lee, who is the real Bruce Lee, and why do we question as where he came from and where is he going right now?
This is the real question I am asking you guys and ladies who really was Bruce Lee, between the facts, The Life of Bruce Lee really seemed interesting to me, now I am just a kid remembering my past lives as I roam around life, I want to be remembered as a friend not a foe.
So this continuum spectrum that is life, it feels sometimes likes it’s sucking the life out of you but in reality it only makes things for for you and for him.
This spectrum which is called life viewed from the kaleidoscopic point of view is actually a mirror, when you see me you actually see yourself in the mirror and thus far it can only get worse if you do not like what you are seeing, so thus far I am saying that The Real Bruce Lee would never offend anybody unless he was offended first, counter-attacking each foe from the ground to the top lane Bruce Lee was the master of martial arts and could not be conquered by any man or foe no matter how big or small. He is a legend among us, a living being walking beside us, and never regretting the fact the he will never have or will take any disrespect from no one no man no human or no alien.
The Real Bruce Lee always seeks to respect his elders but in a manner of caressing each one and another in the way you have never thought before, he could not a will not be manipulated into thinking he can be defeated or destroyed, he will never die, and thus far we will never see his face ever again. All his enemies will regret the day they were born from the moment they cross the line he just draw on this earth and universe, no one can compare to him and no one ever will match his superior instincts in hunting down prey and killing it.
He was a savage, and nobody can tell me otherwise, unless you are a fool who seeks to revenge his elders and foes you cannot do anything he has done in his past lives and you will never find him, because he does not exist anymore and he never existed on this planet earth, he is just an image of you imagination he is not a real person but a shadow in disguise.
Wear the mask you have been given and wear it wisely because fools may have been tricked into thinking they can outsmart you but fools do not know the true power and meaning of kung fu martial artist and his brethren.
In fight in shadow in darkness we trust and never lay back on the mortal wound before in this life time shall we conceive into being on this planet earth, He is not an immortal he is the shadow of our well-being and thus far it will never end and it will never stop hunting you the shadows of the past no matter who you are you will be followed by the darkest demons which ever existed on this human and sacred place of earth.
We can be defeated but we may not stay defeated because the fight is short, but the War is long, one fight we may lose, but on the long run we will succeed , and we will survive whatever may come in our future because the past is already ours taken.
Defeat is a state of mind, nobody in this world is truly defeated unless defeat has been accepted as a state of mind.