I am the God of the black people

I am the God of the black people.
The gypsies the rejects, the south african, the indians, the asians the black and yellow people.
I am the Pharaoh.
I am Tutankhamun.
I am black, white, asian and hispanic.
I am all.
I am your God, I am here to teach you reason.
I am here to love you.
I am here to obey you.
I am here to caress you.
I am here to destroy you.
I am here to make a Kingdom of my own.
A kingdom where I am the Pharaoh and you all obey me and see me as your supreme leader.
I am the First.
There is no one here beside of me.
I am alone on my throne.
I do not care what you think of me, you can throw stones at me and I will use them against you.
I am the cops, I am the Black, I am the White, I am the Asian, I am the spanish people and the New Mexico.
I was Mayan and still am until today.
I never existed on this earth and never will exist here as a person human or individual neither animal can suppress me.
I am just an image in your imagination.
You think that you speak to me but all whom do you speak are merely shadows of your own thought.
I may come I may go, but you will never find me, you will never defeat me, you will never catch me by surprise.
You will never know me, I am mad, I am insane because I tell all of you this, but this to me really counts and it makes me feel good.
So please stop acting like you are important and you care for us, because we do not care about you.
And you will never find or defeat us, we are immortal.
We are immortals, we are spirits, nothing but shadows in the night, nothing but ashes in the wind and dust and sand.
Nothing but a pile of grain in the salty water.
You may know me or us, but you will never know our true story or our true idendity.
This only belongs to us and us alone forever and ever until the end of time.
This you shall not seek because those who seek may never find and those who do not seek the Pharaoh may never see him or his image, they will only feel his presence near them but never know him well enough to actually love him.