Art is a way of survival

Do you know what do I like the most about Art and Art Form?
Is that it never dies, it never fades, it never goes away it’s always by your side no matter what and no matter if you are afraid of it or not. He and she are always there looking after you in your darkest and nighty night times.
You will always see art and artform like a piece of jewelry from where do you start by making art?
Where do you begin when you make the art?
How do you start it?
These are ideas that come up into my mind sent by various artists around the world in an attempt to make me see the big picture more clearly.
So what do we do with all this art? our art? our artform.
We change it, we make it more intense, we make them see feelings, so to me expressing art in artform for people is like them actually seeing my feelings.
I pull my heart out to them for them to see it more clearly, for them to see all my scars and bruises, I pull my heart out for you so you can love me with all you have left in your body and your soul.
All you have left within you belongs to me and only me right now.
Damn it I just felt so squeezed by this.
My penis is in a tight place right now and the girl is coming , she is cumming right now.
So ok darn it.
Let’s leave it all behind and run away from all of this, let’s run away from the world.
Let’s run away from everything and everyone, let’s build our own houses in the woods and never come back, let’s live by ourselves for ourselves in the woods and in the jungle, let’s get by to our primal roots let’s get by to our ancestors.
Just like the book the call of the ancestors, have you seen it?
I know it because I have it in my home. I have allot of books I can share with you guys and I can share allot of my ideas with you friends, my friends, my actual, living friends not the dead ones because I also have dead friends too you know?
So in this mirage that I am living right now the only possible question I can think about is how to make someone love me for the person I actually am not for the person I wish I was or I wish I could be.
The only reason that I am writing because it is that I want to get down into history with my writings, I cannot do this once more.
I cannot think of my self as a selfish beggar who needs to draw attention to himself any longer. 
I cannot beg for love and I definitely cannot beg for money so if you love me send me your best love and if you hate me send me your best hate, but if you send me money, be thankful for what you have because you might not ever get it back from me, this is my soul and bones I put into this so please be careful with your lives.
I hope I will meet you again, wish for the best, all love.
Be quiet be patient all things come in good time.
Time is infinite for the seeker but time is limited for the fool so choose wisely your own vision of life.