This one night in Bahamas

This is me in the video so you all know my name by now.
Call me whatever you would like but my real name is Asethabalanar.
This one I recognize.
I am here to speak to you about love friendship and commitment.
I feel so good right now.
This is the time I will post about this, in my future posts there will be also love.
I love the woman.
I am in love with her.
I love women, I am in love with them all.
I love all women from all races from all places of the earth.
I love the female by general.
It does not matter what you bring to the table as long as you bring yourself to the table.
I am smart yes also.
I found my inner peace and tranquility.
I have come to a point where my mind and my heart work together in unison.
My mind helps my heart and my heart helps my mind.
To do the things that I think about and love the most.
I have transformed into a predator.
I am a protos.
I am a predator of this world.
I came here to love you more than you could possibly imagine you can do.
This time it will be something special.
I am being so honest right now with you.
These are my deepest feelings I am putting on the table right now.
Please forgive me if I am mistaken but should we all not live in peace and prosperity.
And should we all not win the race?
Should we love each other more than expected and have our ups and downs, highs and lows, falls and rises be more compassionate about the people animals and fauna you surround yourself with?
I came here to do good things to the world. And I am going to do it. Nobody can stop me from doing them.
You all will just have to adapt to me from now on . 🙂
Peace, Asethabalanar.