A happy hordie

As I have played allot of horde characters in my day, there is one thing I have missed, and it is the blue essence of everything, I mean the alliance, the human form of the all.
This is the end as we speak of the horde and the alliance, world of warcraft game is going down, into the subterranean.
They go underground with this shit. It’s obvious isn’t it?
I mean look at them as they try to eliberate everything and everyone from the purpose of the law.
We ain’t got time to explain so I will be very brief to it.
The horde is way more powerful than the alliance and they know it, they want it not to be but they cannot do anything about it.
It is raw force, they do the impossible each living day.
The horde defeats all.
We are the horde, we are not alliance scum.
We protect and defend Azeroth from all.
I am indigenous I am free, I am karma and kama sutra.
I am a book. I have a book.
I have everything I need in this lifetime.
I am enough I have all domains.
I have enough to live a happy fulfilled life with my brothers.