When I grow up!

When I grow up.
When I grow up I want to be famous for the work of art I have put my sweat and blood into.
When I grow up I want to be a big billionaire.
A human with purpose and big dreams.
I already have a big head so, I think it is in my advantage also.
I think about problems this way.
If you encounter a problem you will definitely find a solution to it.
I mean if you have a problem you actually need to find a solution to it eventually.
You cannot have a problem without a solution.
A solution comes quick and vast to mind as it forms an idea in your brain.
That idea is yours and yours only, please be peaceful with it and do not let it squander aimlessly to the netherlands.
This is what I am asking for in return to your service, I put my work in your service to solve your immediate problems in order for this check up to come close to what I was thinking back then.
If you encounter similar problems to mine, I mean if you do not see the big picture as it is and you try to aimlessly forgive everybody for what they have done to you you have a serious misbelief of solving your own problems.
The problem is not the problem, the fact is that the problem is quite easily solvable, if you need money you work, if you need cash you beg, if you need money for investment you cherish your own soul.
Everything comes at a rhythm and a faced pace to everybody who tries to solve their problems using their minds instead of their own bodies.
We gather wisdom from various places, this is the thing.
We need to go under our skin in order to find the solution.
The solution is in ourselves everytime we think about it we tend to over react a bit.
but the question is. Are we ready to solve our own problems or do we need help with them?
I cannot conquer this question yet but I am aiming at it.
This is my goal, to solve any problem any where any time I need it solved.
I am a problem solver.
I am a mathematician.
I am an economist.
I am alive.
I am life.
I am karma.