We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here.
Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing.
Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain.
Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity.
Testing to be alive.
This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth.
I will set myself free from this object of thinking unless my brain cooperates with me and not against me.
This has never been too far before.
I am on medication.
Psychiatric medication, this is the sad truth.
Doctors have been abusing my mental health everywhere I went.
From mental institutes to various locations on the earth.
This is not an abuse they tried to make me healthy again, but I will not comply to their procedures anymore no longer.
I am here to speak the truth, my truth so listen up.
I am on Solian and Depakine pills. One Solian and one depakine in the moning and one solian and one depakine at night.
Doctors have given me psychiatric pills because they say I am bipolar of grade 1.
They made me take them or risk hospitalization if I don’t.
If I do not take my medicine in the morning and at night my father will call the ambulance and take me there.
I have also been on anti-depressants for a while about two years with no effect what so ever.
I will tolerate this abuse no longer, for me and my family.
I will not tolerate the fact that some crazy people will tell me what to do with my life.
I will not tolerate to be manipulated and used in order to feed the needs of the pharmaceutical institutions .
I am here to publish this so you know.
This is a public abuse to all man kind wherever you go.
You cannot escape the doctors, they are evil monsters and need to be punished by law and order.
This is an abuse to all patients who have been brutalized to shut their mouth and swallow the pills of the doctors.
I need you all to know that you do not need psychiatric pills in order to live your best life.
I am not crazy I tell you this.
This is an abuse made by the government in order for use to be manipulated by people that have higher IQ-s than us.
They are manipulating masses in order to use and consume drugs to make them feel better for themselves.
I shout out to all of them who have been abused by medicine and all people who have been manipulated into thinking they are sick and need to be medicinised
We do not need your psychiatric pills doctors, all we need is our freedom of speech and our rights to be loved and cared for.
We do not need your medicine. We need our freedom.