Varian Gameplay Video

I have been playing allot lately with Varian and I must admit that there is no other thing that I have in mind while I play with him that does not put me in a defensive position at all.
The thing that I absolutely love the most about Varian is that he can dual-wield many weaponry.
I love the fact that you can solo bosses with him and, solo mercenary camps.
I still love the way he chases heroes on the map trying to kill them.
I absolutely love the fact that he can charge at long distances on the map.
I still love the fact that he has a banner.
I love that he can swing with a two handed weapon and deal high amounts of damage to enemies in sight.
I still love the fact that he is beautiful.
I love that there is no one absolutely no hero in the game that can compare to him.
This is unique, this is one of a kind, this is a marvelous hero.
This is the best thing that actually can happen to a human being by night or dawn.
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