Anti-Facebook post

Hi guys, I just returned from my workout. This post is about how I got blocked on facebook for writing my mind and not being conform to their policies. But if a movie star or music star does not obey facebook policies they get away with it.
This post is about all you facebook users who deny the fact that facebook is not manipulating you into believing you are not a human being anymore or you are some kind of sadistic animal or some sort.
Facebook posts make my brain hurt so I left them all behind and I started my own thing.
This way I make sure I do not disobey the law of attraction and make sense of everything around me anymore.
Please can you tell me this is the right way to do so?
I cannot stand by while millions of people are being brainwashed and murdered the same way that facebook does.
Please give me a call whenever you see this.
Your sincerely Asethabalanar.