The Butcher Gameplay

Everytime I write on my blog, something magical happends so when I write I try to do it with passion, my passion as I used to say. So when I show you my videos of myself playing Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft it’s a sign that I care for you people and what you have done for me in the past few years.

This is not me being rude or anything else, I am just being real here, I really do appreciate all your efforts of making mankind a better place and saving our lives this time of hour, this is not a joke I am telling you video games can save lives of the people who play them like in real life when you cry at night wishing you would die there comes a time when the game is calling out for you and you have to play it in order for you to remain sane and not lose your wrecking mind.

This is no joke that I am telling you that video games can and will save lives in the future by virtual reality taking place instead of real life wars, like warriors who battle on the internet to defend their territory and not conquering countries on the global map.

The future is near my friends and we will all be there to witness it, so come along and join my blog you will not be dissapointed in what I have to really say about this with me not lying to you.

This is the real deal that I am speaking of and you will not have to worry about any lies right here on my blog or personal space that I do.

Real life badasses can be bought out from video games and the video game industry is flourishing nowdays.

This is not a miss concept whatsoever the idea behind all the video game industry plan is to keep you connected to what is happening in the virtual world instead of the real world, to keep you mentally and physically attached to the computer gaming industry and not to the real world.

The world that I live in is a very quiet one and I must confess that I like it, I have no wars to fight over and neither do you.

So please keep the peace in all the world and all mankind so that we can play our video games safe and sound, and let’s make the world a better place for all the living beings in this universe that I am speaking of.

Have a great and peaceful day my friends.