Starcraft 2 Zeratul Coop Gameplay

I love it when pleople gather around me and ask me how I’ve been lately this is such a new thing for me right now, that I am glad to express myself and how I personally feel about this, this music that is going around in my head is good for me right now, and for you all, music is the expression of self you know?

So when you have trouble at home or with your parents remember that the music can change your mood so quickly you won’t even have to think about it twice enough.

I am writing to you all my bullshit and crap because I feel like there is a existential crysis in the world and the world needs more like us the preservers of our country and united nations collide.

We have been granted this wish of immortality with a purpose and I am not here to disobey it.

I say what I feel and write what I want, that’s what we are supposed to do in life right?
Say what we feel and what we want because we can and we must do this in order for our children to live in a better place like our human planet of the world.

This may sound strange to you but I have been in your places too sometimes and it may come as a setback to your future plans but this cannot continue the same, we are not the same and never will be, so stop treating yourself as an option you are the next big opportunity for me so start believing in yourself and your super powers might go out tonight but will stay home for lunch.