Malthael Gameplay

This video is made by me playing Malthael and it’s sincerely awesome to me to do this to you guys right now because I may or may not be the best version of me yet but I am going there soon enough, so please share with me all your ideeas on this topic of Heroes of the Storm so we can have a great time together while we all play along with this new content I am sharing with you guys and not be improved by your mistakes but by your ability to overcome adversity.

If you are watching this let me know how it goes and I wish you the best of luck in your life so you can acomplish all your dreams you had or never had before. I have dreamed one day that this world will know peace finally and I must admit that peace is very near to us in this particular moment in time, so please do not argue with me on this matter and let’s all love each other for the sake of all human kind and bees and flies and every living being on this earth and in the universe I beg you no more wars.

Make love not warcraft is my motto so can you please play a little bit of World of Warcraft and show us how you do with all your skills and mechanichs and let us know actually how can we improve our gamestyle in the near future, have a great day all and know peace, it is for the best of all human race to evolve and be compared to anything this planet has to offer for us.

Do not be mistaken by my kindness for you because I have also been in your time and place and space right now and I know your burden, your burden to bare is mine to bear also so can you please stop complaining to this and that and make the world a better place to live in in all our contries around the globe, we need you now, in for the taking.