Death Knight Blood taking

I have failed you so many times in my life I cannot express my gratitude towards you this time before, this is a video of me playing World of Warcraft and it shows how much I care for you guys and how much I adore you for every living being on this earth to grow and expand just like the wholeness of the universe.

This is what real is all about and nevertheless I came here to show some respect and dignity towards anything that could possibly do harm to other creatures therefore I came here to love you and sit by my side while I do that, I came here to express my love towards you for the sake of all humanity and all other beings here on this planet so please do not show remorse whatsoever if I may be rude sometimes or be negative that is just how I work nowdays, I cam here to show you how I personally deal with my problems and face them not run away from them and came here to show some respect to our deceased breathred who are now not longer with us here.

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness has been my motto for ages now and it will come along with you as usual so therefore all I am asking you is to recognise yourself in the mirror each day and ask yourself ” Is this the life that I want to be living right now?”

Or „Is this the best I can be right now?” or „Can I do better than this right now?” these are the questions I want you to ask yourself every morning when you wake up from your nighty night dreams and stay a while for me to overcome my purpose in life.

Just go for what you want not what you care about and it will all come for you not to you, so please be patient with time and time will be patient with you right now.

This is the greatest quote I have ever seen in my whole entire life: ” Get your ass back to work, pussy”.

Now if you go after what you want in life this may be overwhelming for you but it is not for me so I will tell you to go after what you want in one condition. Praise me and all I have to say and you will never be knocked down by life, with one regard, you will do better than that.

Peace to you my friend.