Orphea Gameplay

Hi guys tonight I want to talk to you about Orphea, she’s a stunner isn’t she?
I mean look at all the cool races I’ve been playing so neat huh?
The point that I’m trying to say it’s that nothing compares to a good gameplay even if the sound is not that good while I record it. Yes I’m drunk atm.
But that does not put in all the effort I’ve put in Orphea gameplay over the years, I’ve been playing alot of Orphea and I’ve developed somekind of crush on her to be honest.

She’s sweet and caring and deals alot of damage, in my opinion, Q,W,E abilities are overpowered and the leap is exquisite.

Look at the video watch it and you will see her true potential, this is my video I am speaking and I’m not ashamed of it not so ever.

Can you type a comment how would you like your videos made up to be I need some personal tips about it, thank you.