Wrath of the Lich King

My opinion on the expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King is one that is very relevant to what is happening in the game. Blizzard Entertainment has a solid story-based expansion pack in which Arthas becomes the Lich King through Frostmourne and his armor. The armor is imbued with the spirits of the dead and the Lich King, Although Arthas is not the Lich King the armor has the Spirit of the Lich King which somehow symbiotes with Arthas or with anyone who wears it.
I think this story is very similar to Peter Parker and Spider-Man when he is bitten by a radioactive spider and has superpowers, this also happens to Arthas when he grabs Frostmourne or with anyone who wears this armor. The power of the armor is associated with the person who wears it, this means that when one Lich King dies another can take its place. So the storyline literally never ends until the armor is destroyed after that the Lich King cannot survive without a host and literally disappears and the undead become out of control because the only one who could dominate the undead was him, whoever was the Lich King, they say there must always be a Lich King to keep them under control, but I think Sylvanas actually wants to control the Lich King’s army instead being separate she would want to convert them into the forsaken, because she says the Forsaken cannot procreate because they are undead so instead of procreating she actually wants to expand her army and use the powers of the Lich King to make more forsaken troops.
The powers The Lich King has is to raise dead humans into undeath being living zombies under the control of the King or Banshee whoever they serve. I think that Sylvanas can raise her own forsaken but these powers belonged to the scourge so therefore she is a thief. The scourge losing ground before the horde which is particularly interested in the scourge’s schemes. Sylvanas is plotting this as we can see from the Shadowlands trailer she destroys The Lich King’s armor, I think she does this to also control the scourge stealing his power she is power-driven and wants to control all undead.

We may have yet to see if this power-driving machinations are successfully fulfilled in the game. In my opinion, Sylvanas is the most dangerous Horde leader for the Alliance in the story-line, and I think she is the most powerful of the Horde leaders. We may have yet to see how does the story-line continues in future expansions, and what does Sylvanas plans to do with the undead.
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