Warlock class

What do I want to talk about today is warlocks man, I had so much fun playing it I mean WoW is really nice and funny sometimes I think the old specializations are better because that felguard was damn savage back the it was more powerful than this new things, sometimes when you play Warlock you got that feeling like somethings missing from you like you use to have more before but that’s ok, I guess we still have vanilla right? lol
The point why I’m making this post is that most people see warlocks as a class of evil but that’s not true those demons are powerful but they are under your control, they are like the undead from the death knight you know what I’m saying? You have to tame them and just like some sort of subjugation with a magic spell you control them but they have limited spells I think the demons from the warlock should focus more on melee attack damage rather than just some stuns and stuff like that, if you make your demon with a powerfull attack speed is way better than a demon casting spells if you ask me, honestly :D.

This is the update I think Blizzard Entertainment should implement, to try to focus more on demon attack speed mechanics rather than just casting spells or stuns. If you think about it it could be very nice right? You could have a warrior demon unlike just a freaking guardian haha

Warlocks are made to be broken, with all the dots and stuff like that this is meaningless if you don’t have enough gear on you.