Warcraft 3

We use to play Dota Allstars on it on Garena if you remember it, it was a platform for warcraft maps and not only it was good at many games, but we played dota and tried to get up the ladder it was some sort of ranked system they called back in 2000 the ladder, now it’s called ranked. When I discovered World of Warcraft I got hooked instantly on it it was amazing such a game could be made so I couldn’t quit it, with one exception, either I played Dota and get rid of WoW or I stuck with wow, in that time the only way I could escape WoW was to play dota Allstars that map to me was like getting clean of any addiction I think I could even stop smoking cigarettes if I play dota I could quit anything by playing the original Warcraft 3 maps or dota it was just a game made to me for being an addiction removal hobby. But I didn’t quit WoW I quit Dota instead because things evolved, games evolved and now it’s dota 2 better than the original one in Warcraft 3 maps. I could use Warcraft 3 now to quit my addiction to other games but it wouldn’t be necessary because now I need them for fun. Whenever I played Warcraft 3 I had that feeling that you can be the best in the game, I’m talking about dota here, you could defeat anything and any player if you have the necessary items and a good hero. They had overpowered items in the game, and they still do they have items like Mask of Madness or Divine Rapier and things like that, Black King Bar which gave you avatar to be immune to spells for a while. they had great items, and the original maps the usual ones were a bit boring but would require some strategy to play them and you could learn something from that, it is war strategy in a virtual world as a simulator for the real thing you can make a virtual world where you can battle therefore in actual reality you can maintain the peace while simulating your warlike features where no harm is done. This is the perfect thing, in an ideal world you could maintain the peace forever like this, releasing all your anger on like a target dummy means no human is harmed, which will benefit to all. So basically what your doing in the game is a simulation of what you can do in reality but instead of doing the real thing you just simulate it, it’s like training to be a pilot, you can do the actual thing before you train for it, but there is no need for wars I think it’s just the domination process that kicks in we all want to win right? That’s true

And again I’m posting a post about WC3, who cares anyway, it’s the most nerfed game ever, with all the handicap options you might never know who might just ditch you.