Rise of the Lich King

In Rise of the Lich King, Christie golden explains the journey of young Arthas and how he becomes the Lich King through Frosmourne and his armor. As all WoW players know the beginning of the journey which Arthas embarks, is the Culling of Stratholme, there Arthas decides to purge the city of the undead plague which would transform every human into undead by killing all its citizens before they turn into undead.
Arthas thought that if he kills the citizens they will be immune to the plague, therefore, they would be not reanimated into undeath becoming part of the scourge army. In the backstage, there was Mal’Ganis a hateful DreadLord which served the scourge and was trying to get more citizens into becoming undead. Arthas comes face to face with this DreadLord and makes him flee to Northrend. He decides to go after him even though lady Jaina Proudmoore did not agree with this. Jaina was the lover of Arthas.

Arthas ventures to Northrend chasing the hateful DreadLord and he meets with a dwarf named Muradin. He eventually finds frostmourne kills his father because he can’t control Frostmourne, Frostmourne who was bound to The Lich King controlled him( I’m saying bound to the Lich King because the Lich King was something different from Arthas, The Lich King was a spirit who lived through his armor and his sword, therefore Arthas was named The Lich King because they were connected by the armor). So Arthas lost his mind and killed his father, He even enslaved Sylvanas the banshee queen but she escaped because some ghosts helped her run from The Lich King. He fought Illidan and beat him, he allied with Kel’Thuzad the Lich. The story was interesting I read the original book a few months ago before I made the blog, and I write from what I can remember from back then, it was one of the best books I have read ever in my life, I knew part of the story from the game but the book is much more specific on every aspect of his journey being very complex and with nice storytelling Christie Golden is a great author, in my opinion, I loved the book and I loved Arthas too, too bad for his ending. There must always be a Lich King.

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