Horde Classes

Which class do you like to play the most? I play at the horde, that’s where the title comes from. I also have characters in the alliance but the only races I like from the alliance are Draenei and night elves, excluding the new factions.
I asked this question because my answer is that I want to play all the classes, I never focused on just one, even though I had long periods when I only played warrior or only death knight I couldn’t manage to make a favorite class that I don’t get bored of.
I could make a top with my favorite classes, it would come about like this: Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, Warlock, and Priest. That would be my top 5 favorite classes that I play in World of Warcraft whether they are alliance or horde.
The difference between the alliance and the horde is simply the content. They have other quests and the content is different, they simply have a different mission than the horde, even if the two factions are at war, there is a kind of friendship between them as if they were co-dependent.
In principle, as I see this game between the alliance and the horde, it is because they would at one point (if not allied so far) against a common enemy to defend their world from invasions. I suspect they did this in almost every expansion pack, but I probably didn’t pay any attention to them.
I like playing female undead priests on shadow, Orc or Tauren male warrior, undead female warlock and female blood elf paladin. Although I have a horde, I have to admit that the best race to make a paladin I think is the female and male Draenei both aspects are a 10 when it comes to being a paladin. As for the Warlock class, I think the undead race would best fit not only in appearance but also in Racial Passive spells.

I have not yet played all the classes at the maximum level to make you a summary about each one but I am in the process of maximizing as many characters as possible and probably when I will finish them I will settle on one maximum of two characters with which to continue playing and to experiment at the maximum level. Although I could do this right now, I only have two 120 characters at the moment and a lot in the process of leveling up. There will come a day when I will probably find my favorite class until then I will be in the experimental stage.

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