Dungeon siege 2

Dungeon siege 2 is an RPG based game that is pretty much like World of Warcraft only way cooler, it’s an old school fantasy game in which you team up with players and NPCs and gather around to defeat NPC bosses which are highlighted in a brown area, it’s the first RPG I’ve played and it’s a good review about it I think that’s where the whole hunger for MMO-RPGs came from to me, it was one of the first RPG games I have played this way and it was awesome I still remember the good old days where you had a mage, a tank a healer and even a hunter you could team up with.
The good news about this game is that it’s more interactive than other RPGs it just feels more alive than other games even if the graphics are old fashioned I think it represents the reality a whole lot better than most games, and I would recommend other games to be inspired by Dungeon siege 2 because the gameplay is unique, I have heard that the story might not be original but the gameplay is.
In my point of view the action is in a faraway land and the whole purpose of the game is mostly grinding and finding other NPCs you can team up with to make a good consistent team in order to defeat harder bosses, this is the whole concept of the game but the true original thing I’ve seen in the game is the interface and how the player can interact and cast spells it just feel like the whole team is united and each has its role but the thing really is how do they cast in an automatic mode or just a selected spell which you have to cast every single time.

I think a lot of RPG games should take the Dungeon Siege example and see where it all began in the MMO world, we all started from somewhere and the whole foundation of the game really consists in these old fashioned low graphics games then make us remember why we started to play them in the first place.

Well this is an old fashioned game started from the beginning until the end, and it’s mostly about grinding so, get a team, get balanced, and get off.