Atal’Dazar Dungeon

As I leveled through Battle for Azeroth content doing dungeons I’ve encountered this specific dungeon many times. The dungeon has 4 bosses: Rezan, Vol’kaal, Priestess Alun’za and the final boss Yazma.
My opinion on this dungeon is that it’s a very easy one if you manage around it, first, you have to drop down to Rezan, he has a spell which fears you making you flee but it’s an easy boss in normal mode, I’m talking about dungeon leveling here so it’s not hard.
Sometimes we team up with level 120 players who deal an average for 20k DPS while we leveling guys do about 3-4k damage varying by each class, in particular, some classes deal more damage but it’s about items too.
The second boss is Vol’kaal while you go up to him you encounter minions that are bound through a magic ward or totem I don’t know for sure what that is, you have to first destroy the totem which makes them immune to damage to kill them, the same tactic is used on Vol’kaal he has 3 ward/totems surrounding him you have to first kill the wards to kill him because otherwise, you can’t deal damage to him.
The third is Priestess Alun’za she is a very easy boss to kill I never had a problem with her even if I didn’t use the tactics when she casts transfusion you have to stay in a pile of blood to be immune to the transfusion spell.
The final one is Yzma she is surrounded by dead spiders and you have to avoid them in some way by dodging them, the dungeon is very easy in normal mode even if you don’t have a level 120 player boosting your party.

The thing with this dungeon, in particular, is that is a farming dungeon, I’ve been assigned this for many time from level 110 to 120 and because I’ve done it about 50 times I wanted to write about it because I’m not going to forget it soon enough.

Progress this is what this blog is all about, so start reading and don’t complain.

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