WoW and Death Knights

This video I made about starting zone quests for death knights is about the beginning of the death knight campaign untill the final battle, I haven’t been done the final battle because it would have taken me too long to record it so It’s until the battle for Light of Dawn.
This video sums up almost all of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion set for death knights it’s the starting quests so you all know what a death knight really is and what spells do they use. Arthas is really a cool guy but he’s kind of a real badass if you ask me, too bad sSylvanas destroyed his armor in the final expansion, If there is no Lich King then who will take care of the scourge? Maby he couldn’t take care of the scourge or didn’t took care properly who knows. I always thought he was a cool guy and I’m glad he’s still in the game, There would be no death knights without Arthas 🙂
So these quests are about the fight between the argent crusade and the scourge obviously you may all know that Arthas looses the fight on holy ground at the Light of Dawn Chapel so the death knights have to pick a side horde or Alliance but both factions can play them , I usually play horde with death knights but Draenei look cool too 🙂
If you’re an experienced death knight player these starting quests may seem boring but they will teach you the essential skills required for you to understand what the class is all about and what is his role in the game.
They can tank and dps, I usually prefer DPS I’m not into blood or stuff like that, Blood is a specialization used for tanking but you can choose that if you want to level faster in dungeons like tanking them :).
Death Knights are very good tanks they have plate armor and huge amounts of stamina, but the most specializations people prefer are dps.

Quite clear to evalute how many dps players are out there instead of tanks, we clearly need more healers and tanks in the game :D.