Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void

Hi guys I want to write to you today about Starcraft 2 this is an amazing game I have played and it’s worth all the money you invest in it, I bought this game long time ago the first game and all it’s expansions and I have no regrets at all it was money well spent, I haven’t played all that much Starcraft lately but I guarantee you it’s worth it . It’s so fascinating how an interstellar game can develop through time and become such a beautiful masterpiece like a work of art.
I play alot of protoss it’s my favorite faction and I like playing with Zealots and Carriers this is my strategy almost every time when I play with my friends, I don’t usually complicate things with Stalkers and Stuff like that I also use templars.
My main Strategy is gather enough Zealots get them charge and focus on enemy workers not at the beginning but when you see them expand, when you focus on workers they won’t have enough resources to expand, this is my usual way of thinking when I play as protos.
So when I get a success mission I am very happy about it and I almost start crying because I am overwhelmed with joy and happyness and this only starts happening in Starcraft 2, most of the other games are very competitive to me I enjoy them so much but Starcraft 2 is different.

If you are curious enough you can go ahead an try the demo version you will see how the game just runs smoothly on any PC there is, the difficulty of the game you set yourself so don’t worry about it’ it’s going to be find in the end.