Stockade Gameplay

Hello friends and loved ones, these are just a few of my adventures throughout Azeroth this being in the stockade in Stormwind city as a warrior, I like warriors as tanks but not that much I also prefer paladins also, I prefer meelee combat instead of ranged because I think meelee is more interesting and ranged is for dudes who like to play from a distance and kite enemy heroes, I like to go head to toe to the enemy because of course I’m not afraid, and not just because I’m not afraid of meelee combat but it’s the feeling that you are actually doing something more interesting like fighting head on you know what I’m saying it just feels to me that players who play ranged heroes are like man let’s stay far away so we won’t die, of course nobody want’s to die man but that’s not the point yet, it’s much safer to go ranged than meelee but meelee attackers are armored and have more stamina than ranged ones because they need that armor for protection so they won’t die in combat.
Healers are important very important indeed because if they were not healing the tank the tank could not sustain that kind of damage all by himself, we all need our healers even if they are spiritual ones or just doctors, we need someone to take care of us when we are old and can’t take care of ourselves anymore, like children.
Our kids can help us when we are old like we helped them when they were young and defenseless, they can help us when we get old and shaggy and can’t take care of ourselves anymore.
This is the principle of healing healers take care of tanks, tanks take care of the whole party, which is more important the healer or the tank? I would say they both are important and without one of them the team couldn’t finish any instance unless they have really good gear equipped and don’t need tanking gear, for instance as a high geared dps you can tank mobs because they don’t take alot of your hp, but you couldn’t survive withouth a healer in leveling dungeons, so while you level you can replace the tank witha dps but at max level you can’t do that. Why? because the high level mobs are very strong and a dps couldn’t sustain that kind of damage, let’s be honest here :). So evidently the healer is indispensable and so is the tank, but what are dps roles for? if the dps is high you can actually save the tank and even the healer from dying clearing quick trash mobs so they don’t do damage to your party, easy enough, but good dps is hard to find these days, most people have looms equipped and that’s ok but, In my opining leveling my characters as a I got alot of them is the most entertaining thing I can do in World of Warcraft.

What do you like most about WoW?