Lunara Gameplay

Hi all, I just played a game with Lunara, it was awesome we lost but it dosn’t matter I had fun with it so we were actually winning but them they recovered so they pushed with boss and we lost, it dosn’t really matter who wins or not if you actually understand the game and the playstyle it’s all about learning to play here not winning, winning is for ranked play that’s how I state it.
I also said that I will soon play some rankeds and show you guys my gamestyle but it’s also very hardcore playing rankeds and I’m not always winning unless I got a super good team, people there really focus on the game that they play so they play to win not just to enjoy playing as in simple Quick match I suppose.
I like this game alot so it’s all about leisure play instead of focusing to always win I sometimes lose but I gather experience from tha play and make level with it.
I’m sort of new to the game so considering this experience is a well welcomed gift to me.
Quick match is easier because the party finder is more flexible , sometimes you got no healer in both teams sometimes you have a healer in both teams so it’s very balanced , the party finder is very balanced and the game is very balanced so you can’t say that it’s your fault because you lose because if you say that you’re pulling all your team with you.
Being a shared xp moba game this makes it actually a game in wich you’re not losing because yourself you’re losing because of the whole team, they all have to focus not just you because you can’t win the game all by yourself.
I also talked about 2v1 and 3v1 in the actual game and it’s very hard to do that compared to dota 2 where you can solo the whole team if you have enough items geared up on you.
There are certain heroes that can do 2v1 and 3v1 in different situations in Heroes of the storm but the situations may differ according to the heroes and the health bars not to mention your position on the map the most important thing of all.
If you’re in a bad position on the map and they gank you it’s very hard to recover after this because they might get a clear advantage over you.
being ahead in experience in winning games it’s all that matter in this game as long as you’re ahead in experience the enemies will be weaker than you, the first who reaches level 20 is almost the winner unless you have to do the extra pushing in order to finish the actual game.
That’s why I stated that specialists in the game I thought that they were the most important of the all because the actual pushing on the certain map that you play.
Being a specialist as the most important class in the game it’s a big advantage ( I know they don’t call them like this anymore they changed to ranged assasin and mele assasin wich I think it’s stupid in my opinion) the older names were better because they would delimit the actual classes instead of merging them together but we have to play with what we got. The specialists were so important to the team because of they’re siege damage they could destroy the enemy base very quickly this adding alot of exp to your team and gaining a clear advantage over the enemies wich could result in winning the game faster and more secure than ever.
If I would play ranked I would play a ex-specialist and actually film it to show you guys what have I done, If it’s a lose don’t matter, if it’s a win we will just add more ranked points to the present season.
Now I am Bronze 5 I know it’s the lowest but I lost all the 3 classification matches from the start so they put me bronze 5.
But I don’t care as long as I don’t play ranked unless it’s weekend. In weekends I always play ranked I don’t know why, It’s just my timing I guess.

So when the weekend comes maby I will record some ranked games for you guys and pray that I get a good team to actually show you that I can win ( haha) 😀