Sylvanas Windrunner Gameplay

Sylvanas Windrunner, the best ranged assasin there is out there in the game (Heroes of the Storm)
My playstyle with her differs throught the game, I just tend to spam Q till cooldown and use W whenever available.
The tricky part with her is how you use your E ability (the teleport), I always tend to send my shadow in one direction and strafe phisically in other direction and when my shadow has reached it’s limit distance I hit teleport.
This thing is called a juke move, it’s practically disorienting the opponent while you teleport in another place, it makes them follow you and you teleport in the opposite direction making a bigger gap between the enemy and yourself.
This is the best move I can make with Sylvanas till now, you can see the move in the video I posted. The main reason I do this is not to unnecesary die in random fights. If I have the opportunity to escape I will by disorienting the enemy into thinking i’m going in a direction and actually I’m going in the opposite direction.
And it’s a verry effective move, not many people do that because it , requires fast hand clicking on the map.
As an ultimate I get black arrow for the silence effect, it silences enemy team in the area making it possible for extra damage and for me to recharde my cooldowns faster and even escape from the fight if needed.
Playing as Sylvanas I always get high scores because he is one overpowered hero especially if she’s even ranged, mele assasins are harder to play, ranged is easier.
She deals alot of damage with her Q ability and the talent wich causes Withering fire on attack. I get remorseless at level 13 on every Sylvanas play :).
I think this talent is better because you get an extra attack everytime you focus an enemy hero wich practically means doubling your ranged damage to them, with Withering fire and W added it practically destroyes enemy heroes in a matter of seconds.
But the best part as I told you is not that she has a very high damage outcome she has one of the best escapes in the game, and if you use it smar enough you probably will make the enemy team disoriented for a while.
That’s what I did so many time with her.

Enjoy playing her with her new tactics at hand.