Next Gen Heroes of the Storm

I’ve been thinking about it, about the the game and all, and I’d might see this how could it be improved:

  • They could put a more reliable class finding game match in ranked ( I mean you can practically que as flexible, mele assasin, bruiser, ranged assasin, healer and support or nothing, so they could shorten the list of classes in ranked matchmaking system, to be simpler of course, because most of the new players might not understand this I would merge support with healer for example in one class I know they can differ but to make it easier for the major population of kids to comprehend the gamestyle this can differ)
  • Second They could add more maps with high quality objective system I don’t know for example capture and deliver the flag like in Warsong Gulch from WoW ( because most of the heroes in heroes of the storm come from Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo universes they could add a new map simmilar to warsong gulch)
  • Third Most of the heroes I’ve played from the universes listed above have some things to do with talents, not all combination of talents are good so preferably you can make your own while you play, I actually mean for talents to be more customizable as to change them in certain situations )
  • Forth They could make a Heroes of the Storm universe and create new heroes not just from Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo ones they could make the Heroes of the Storm universe and invent there all kinds of heroes to add to the game, if they are not plenty enough for today)
  • Fifth They could make a better party finder, the present one I think it’s good enough but they could make one separatedly for ranked, I know this means for two things to do the same things but it’s not actually the same game type)
  • Sixth They could add more skins to the game I sort of know that they are always working of this with the new updates and the new skins but instead of sprays and stuff like that they could add more skin content wich I know in some hero situations that they don’t have enough skins available so we could use more content for sure 🙂
  • Seventh They could also add as something set aside more mounts I don’t have them all but I know from WoW that blizzard has alot of imagination when it comes to mounts they could add them from there I bet no one would mind, haha.
  • Eigth They could add more content such as that Brawl thing, I think people play that when they are bored of quick match and ranked, I played it once or twice and it seemed good but not my game type, for example they could invent a Capture the Flag as a Brawl game mode or maby separate to it I dont know.
  • Ninth About the seasonal quests I they they are awesome because they give extra gold and stuff like that those seasonal quest actually make the game right now and I think people play it to complete the quests, so quests are a good thing, having more quests makes you wanna complete them so more quests please 😀
  • Tenth I love the portraits thing but they could actually make moving portraits, I know this may make the system performance requirements higher but it’s worth a good view.
  • Eleventh I don’t really know if the abilities actually scale in the present game desing but scalling as in World of Warcraft I think made it all more better than just fixed spells.
  • Twelve About the shards system I think it’s quite well made but somethimes gathering them takes a while so if we would be given more shards to buy skins I think we could afford the expensive ones, don’t you think? 😛