Kerrigan Gameplay

Hi, I wanna talk to you guys about Kerrigan she is a starcraft hero, eventually ending up also in Heroes of the Storm as the blade queen.
I wanted to show you my tactics while playing her she is one of the strongest mele assasins out there and what’s not to like about her, gathering shield with annihilation with each spell and attack and gathering spell power with each minion kill I think she’s awesome.
About her ultimate I always choose Maelstrom instead of Ultralisc because of her annihilation gathering while she damages all nearby opponents, I want to mention that I always use this ultimate, because of the Ultralisc seems very squishy and low uprate time it just seems that it’s irrelevant therefor Maelstrom being the preffered choice here.
About her looks, she looks really awesome with her ravenous wings dosn’t she, I think Blizzard did a really good job at making her look this awesome and badass she is the bad girl from starcraft now being one of the baddest girls in the Heroes of the Storm universe.
She has an aggresive playstyle u tend to always want to hit something for the shield to gather around you and protecting you from unwanted damage.
It’s always hard to hit with your Impailing blades wich is your W because it has restricted area damage and is a very small zone where you stun.
The third ability wich is Primal grasp is usefull sometimes for pulling your opponents together and hitting them with your ravage (q ability)
The first ability and most important is the Ravage wich makes a jump on the enemy dealing significant damage and gathering assimilation (for the shield)
At level 4 you have a talent to choose you can choose it to put it in a quest for ravage to have it’s damage increased by a number of minions killed with ravage wich is Sharpened blades it goes to a limit of 75 minions killed and about 50 additional damage increase on your ravage.
The way I personally play Kerrigan is one of those ways where you would want to hit all your abilities I mean just hitting the jackpot with your Impailing blades stunning as many heroes as possible and after that just hitting ravage and maelstorm on a gathering of enemies for the aoe effects.
If you want to see my full talent build just watch the video as I play Kerrigan and you will learn more about what talents I use in the game.
The talents may vary because the are many ways of playing her mostly depending on what team members your team has ( what heroes) and what enemy heroes you encounter in the enemy team.

So just enjoy the play and leave a comment telling me what you think about it.